Art Battle L.A.

written by Niche.LA Video Art August 11, 2012

directed & edited by Eric Heights
written & produced by Nic Cha Kim

Niche.LA Video Art is proud to present the online premiere of Art Battle L.A. on SnagFilms. The movie is now available to stream free worldwide on your computer, iPad, iPhone, Android, XBox, Kindle Fire, and many internet enabled televisions and blu-ray players.

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Art Battle L.A. is a 52 min street art documentary that chronicles four graffiti artists as they “battle” in a BritWeek sponsored competition judged by Jaguar and Christopher Guy Designs. Follow along as Mear One, Man One, Inkie, and Eine spend a week together painting murals all over Los Angeles under the direction of LA Freewalls to support Hollywood Arts, a nonprofit dedicated to helping emancipated foster children living in the streets by teaching them employable arts skills.

I wanted this documentary to reflect the new generation of artists emerging through graffiti art culture with a compassionate narrative structure that brings exclusive discussions on modern street art to a new audience,” says Director Eric Heights.

We wanted to showcase a misunderstood art form in a more positive light.  These are talented artists that do a lot for charities.  We should recognize their contributions and support their work,” says Executive Producer Nic Cha Kim.

Art Battle LA originally premiered August 30, 2012 in a television broadcast on KCET in the Southern California area.


Mear One
MEAR ONE (Kalen Ockerman, b. 1971, Santa Cruz, CA) is a contemporary American artist based in Los Angeles. He began his career in 1986 as a graffiti artist living in Los Angeles and has been labeled as “The Michelangelo of Graffiti” and “The Salvador Dali of Hip-Hop.” He is considered by many to be Los Angeles’ most prolific graffiti artist because of the way he revolutionized graffiti with his fine-art realism, breaking out of traditional 2D letter forms, and using perspective to develop complex characters with dynamic backgrounds in epic scale.  Mear One’s work is inspired by ancient technology, science, philosophy, mythology and mysticism, along with political and cultural revolution, and notions of the apocalypse.

Man One
MAN ONE (Alejandro Poli Jr., b. 1971, Los Angeles, CA) is an artist, teacher, and entrepreneur.  He believes art gives mankind an essential and irreplaceable cultural language in which to express and know itself. Over the years, Man One has worked with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Disease Control, The Mexican Consulate in the U.S., and most recently received a Speaker and Specialist Grant by the U.S. State Department to work with the U.S. Embassy in Panama. There he demonstrated to Panamanian children and teenagers how art could build self-esteem and self-respect to help you overcome any situation. Man One’s art is comprised of his trademark bold, colorful art strokes and has been featured in ten solo shows, countless group exhibitions, and curated well over a hundred.

INKIE (Tom Bingle, b.1970, Bristol, UK) is one of the most notorious and prolific graffiti writers in UK history to emerge out of the 80’s Bristol scene. Denounced as “Banksy’s right hand man” by The Daily Mail while simultaneously lauded by The Times, his trademark beauty, typically created on large-scale pieces, flows from diverse inspirations – Mayan architecture, William Morris, Mouse & Kelly, Alphons Mucha and Islamic geometry. The artist has exhibited worldwide with recent exhibitions in London, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Ibiza, Warsaw and Lisbon.

EINE (Ben Flynn, b. 1970, London, UK) shot to international fame when David Cameron presented one of his works to President Obama as a gift on his first official state visit.  Originally a writer, he started his career over twenty five years ago as a vandal leaving his first tag all over London before eventually developing a distinct typographic style. He specializes in producing huge letters on shop fronts and his bright, colorful letters have transformed streets in cities around the world, including LA, San Francisco, Mexico City, Miami, Paris, Dublin, Tokyo, Stockholm and his home city of London.

Eric Heights
Director / DP / Editor / Producer
Eric Heights is a director born and living in Los Angeles, California. At age 13, he transplanted to Colorado where he developed a strong appreciation for film, photography, and music. Since his return, Eric has directed and produced over 50 music videos for numerous artists including Dumbfoundead, Aceyalone, and Silkk the Shocker where he developed his cinematic style and was voted Best Music Video Director by Denver Westword Magazine. Eric previously directed two graffiti documentaries, Feel Mode 1 (2007) and the sequel Feel Mode 2 (2009), which has been exhibited worldwide. Art Battle LA is Eric’s third documentary showcasing urban street art. For more information:

Nic Cha Kim
Executive Producer / Writer / Producer / Interviewer
Nic Cha Kim is a writer, video artist, and cultural activist. His plays Trapezoid, RE:verse, Rise Up, Point, and Hyperbola have been produced by Lodestone Theatre Ensemble and Company of Angels and received workshop readings from East West Players, Asian American Theatre Company, and Mu Performing Arts. Artistic Director of Niche.LA Video Art, Nic has produced feature movies, music videos, and commercials.  Nic is also Founder of Gallery Row (, an arts and culture district along Main and Spring between 2nd and 9th in Downtown Los Angeles. Through his leadership, Nic helped transform a blighted neighborhood into a thriving, pedestrian-friendly, and culturally-abundant community. For more information:


Art Battle LA

Directed by Eric Heights
Written by Nic Cha Kim

Man One
Mear One

Additional Interviews In Order of Appearance:
Vestalia Chilton, CLProjects
Candice Kay Lee, BritWeek
Bob Peirce, BritWeek
Christopher Guy, Christopher Guy Designs
Stuart Schorr, Jaguar
Daniel Lahoda, LA Freewalls
Tom Gilmore, Gilmore Associates
Rachel Romanski, Hollywood Arts
Peter Mays, Los Angeles Art Association

Produced by Nic Cha Kim & Eric Heights

Edited by Eric Heights

Executive Producer
Nic Cha Kim

Candice Kay Lee & Vestalia Chilton

Director of Photography
Eric Heights

Assistant Director
Norberto Briceno

Production Manager
Andrew Sanchez

Camera Operators
Isabel Avila, Roger Griffith, Andrew Sanchez, David Womack

Time-Lapse Photographer
Roger Griffith

Camera Assistants
Yuki Kawahara & William Diaz

Sound Recorder / Boom Operator
Norberto Briceno

Production Assistants
Yuki Kawahara & William Diaz

Assistant Editors
Norberto Briceno & Kristina Paszkiewicz

Trailer Edited by Melvin Benson

Post-Production Assistant
Norberto Briceno

Audio Engineer
Adam Klumpp

“Los Angelinos”
Written by K. Wilson & J. Dominguez
Performed by Foci
Produced by Science
theJTCollective (ASCAP) / J. Dominguez (BMI)

Written By Colin Palmer
Performed By Versis
Produced By T. Hemingway
Thisisversis (ASCAP)

“Gone With The Wind/Rick James”
Written By K. Wilson & J. Dominguez
Performed By Foci
Produced by Science
theJTCollective (ASCAP) / J. Dominguez (BMI)

Written by Colin Palmer
Performed by Versis
Produced by Bagir-Ba
Thisisversis (ASCAP)

“Love Pronounced”
Produced by Trey Hemingway for Analog Division

“Cowboy Where You Runnin?”
Written and Performed By Catch Lungs
Produced By MR.Fulton
John Morse (BMI) MR.Fulton (ASCAP)

“Tala at Twilight”
Written, Performed and Produced by Low Leaf

“Monday Thief”
Written, Performed and Produced by Low Leaf

Written, Performed and Produced by DECA

“Just Friends”
Written, Performed and Produced by Cynic One

Written, Performed and Produced by DECA

Written, Performed and Produced by DECA

Written, Performed and Produced by DECA

“Then Again”
Written and Produced by Nathan Allen

“Keys to the City”
Written and Performed by JNaturaL ft. Abstract Rude & Aceyalone
Produced by Jeff Dojillo
Janelle Corpuz (ASCAP) Jeff Dojillo (ASCAP)

“Walter Rand Center for Transportation”
Written and Produced by Mndsgn

“Light Years”
Written and Performed by Tony Sans
Produced by Captain

Written and Performed by JNaturaL
Produced by Jeff Dojillo
Janelle Corpuz (ASCAP) Jeff Dojillo (ASCAP)

“The Moment”
Written and Performed by Kay Cola ft. Skeme
Produced by K. Roosevelt
Musixmy1stluv (ASCAP)

Special Thanks:
Gallery Row Organization
Reko Moreno & Robert Renderos, Best Bet Camera
Tom Gilmore & LaTanya Rene, Gilmore Associates
Robert Reynolds & Gemma Sonego, Robert Reynolds Gallery
Daniel Lahoda, LA Freewalls & LALA Gallery
Meera-Michelle Rana, Hollywood Arts
Joe Moller & Qathryn Brehm, Downtown Art Walk

This program was produced by Niche.LA Video Art, which is solely responsible for its content.

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All Rights Reserved.

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