The Spirit of North Shore

written by Niche.LA Video Art June 1, 2015

Nuestro Lugar: North Shore is the first resident-designed, culture-driven, community development project in the rural, migrant community of North Shore, California. Nuestro Lugar co-locates physical improvements (a community-designed 5-acre public space and a bike-share program) and economic activities (a small business training program and a monthly marketplace) alongside a series of multi-faceted arts and culture initiatives. Nuestro Lugar maps and uses the many historic, cultural, and artistic resources of North Shore as catalysts for change. Through various artistic “situaciones” and interventions, residents shape their community and its new public space. In the process, they build strong cultural networks, create new forums for organizing and capacity-building, and re-orient community narratives. The many components of Nuestro Lugar work together to enable residents to improve physical, social, and economic quality of life, while re-defining the identity of their North Shore.

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