March For Our Lives

Rising Up In The Streets: March For Our Lives, LA from Rising Up With Sonali on Vimeo.

Rising Up In The Streets: March For Our Lives, LA

Well over a million people marched in more than 800 protests against gun violence in every state in the US and dozens of countries outside the US on Saturday March 24th. The March for Our Lives protests were spearheaded by student survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that happened on Valentine’s Day in Parkland, Florida.

The youth led a main march in Washington DC where an estimated 800,000 people gathered to challenge the stranglehold that gun manufacturers have over politicians through their lobby group, the NRA. That figure eclipsed the Women’s March in January 2017. Here in Southern California where our program is based, tens of thousands marched in downtown Los Angeles. Our field correspondent Nic Cha Kim was there and, as part of our series Rising Up In the Streets, we present this special report.

Special thanks to Phil Chung.