Video Artists Explore a Decade Under YouTube’s Influence….

written by Niche.LA Video Art December 6, 2015

Video Artists Explore a Decade Under YouTube’s Influence.

10 years after Jawed Karim posted the very first YouTube video, neither Spanish art critic and curator Marisol Salanova nor new media artist Carlos Sáez thought they’d ever have to return to the zoo. Starting in December, however, a new video art celebration called Ten Years at the Zoo will explore how, within a decade of its existence, the most popular online video sharing site has shaped and influenced contemporary video art. “Our intention was to study how the changes in communication driven by the different video social media affect video art,” Sáez tells The Creators Project. “We were particularly interested in how [the] most popular platforms and their properties shape the artworks, creating completely new narrative styles,” he adds. #videoart #video #art #artblog #artnews #artinfo

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