Roberto Fazio’s Light Studio Brings Projection Mapping To The…

written by Niche.LA Video Art December 20, 2014

Roberto Fazio’s Light Studio Brings Projection Mapping To The Next Level

When we interviewed Italian projection mapping artist Luca Agnani last week, he gave us a brief list of noteworthy peers he worked alongside at the City of Lights festival in Moscow, last fall. Some much needed insight, considering this relatively new iteration of spacial augmented reality is becoming more and more prominent in digital arts scenes the world over.

One name he emphasized was Roberto Fazio—an Italian digital artist with a studio based in Bologna. Agnani called him, rather matter-of-factly, a “guru” in the field. Naturally you’re left to skeptically contemplate such lofty terms with a see-it-to-believe-it attitude, but a quick search through Fazio’s portfolio reveals why a guy as celebrated in the Italian visual arts scene as Agnani would throw laurels his way.

Not only has Fazio cultured his own aesthetic touch—a style that incorporates negative space as a lever to increase the incandescence of his grid-heavy projections—but he’s even helped make the tools of his craft more accessible to artist communities by creating 3D mapping computer programs and hosting 101-type workshops at festivals internationally.

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Bottom image Sample schematics from Element.Map, a 3D mapping open source program.

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