Office:Work. BK, currently living (and dying, aren’t we…

written by Niche.LA Video Art July 1, 2015


BK, currently living (and dying, aren’t we all?) in Melbourne has released another excerpt from the up-coming installation work 26 Suicides.

Office:Work. is a brief (2:14) meditation on the nature of work (salary slavery) in modern society.

The excerpt currently being released is cheerily titled… Office:Work.
Office:Work. is available free for watching (and free for downloading) here.

‘The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.’
- R Frost

26 Suicides is a 27 chapter, non-narrative, new media installation work.  It is the personal and intimate testimony of BK’s synesthetic life.  The 26 Suicides installation uses surround sound and multichannel video, employing 8 video channels and 10 audio channels, to create a fully immersive, synesthetic experience for the audience.  26 Suicides will be shown publicly later this year. Limited pre-release excerpts are being made available online and through select gallery showings.
Office:Work. is a single channel video with stereo audio, offering a taste of the full 26 Suicides installation.  

Free listening is available here.
The audio can be downloaded for free here.

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