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written by Niche.LA Video Art February 18, 2015


Originally Broadcast: February 25, 2015

This episode we look at an international biennial festival based in Melbourne, that showcases contemporary video practice from around the world and Australia; Channels: The Australian Video Art Festival. Channels have this month opened for submissions, for their second festival to be held in September 2015 in and around Melbourne CBD.

To give the festival its historical context within the video art frame, we hear Shannon King as a representative of Channels, first up with a reading from the Channels 2013 festival catalogue, an essay written by one of the co-director’s, Jessie Scott.

We also hear an excerpt from the Channels Artist Interview Series, between Stephanie Milsom and Zoe Scoglio, you can find the series online at the Channels blog and also an excerpt on on the FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) site.

What is the role of video art in the future — beyond the existing framework, and potentially beyond the Internet? Channels: The Australian Video Art Festival, 2015 aims to take video art beyond the very medium itself.

Shannon King speaking on behalf of the Channels festival team about its origins and future concepts to present the second festival in Melbourne, in September 2015. To get involved or submit work, artists can find the submissions online at the Channels website:, and also:

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