Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow.Through April.In his 2008…

written by Niche.LA Video Art February 27, 2015

Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow.
Through April.
In his 2008 two-channel video ‘‘Take a Deep Breath,’’ the Israeli artist Omer Fast juxtaposed an interview with a witness to a suicide bombing with a fictional recreation of the incident. An exhibition dedicated to Mr. Fast’s work is showing at this gleaming art space — which opened its doors in 2010 — alongside a selection of other shows. These include ‘‘Logical Emotion,’’ which features work by 13 contemporary Japanese artists, ranging from tech-savvy creators like Ryoji Ikeda to Masayasu Mitsuke, who handpaints pottery. ‘‘Young Israel,’’ meanwhile, shows video art by two Israeli artists, Nadav Bin-Nun and Ben Hagari.

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