Just read a review that makes me want to see the movie now….

written by Niche.LA Video Art January 29, 2015

Just read a review that makes me want to see the movie now.  

Blackhat isn’t a failed action movie—it’s a big-budget avant-garde film

Experimental films, as a rule, don’t get commercial distribution—they certainly don’t open at multiplexes or get advertised as topical action thrillers. Not surprisingly the film has developed more passionate responses from critics than from popular audiences, inspiring eloquent defenses from Manhola Dargis in the New York Times, Keith Uhlich at Reverse Shot, Ryland Walker Knight at Mubi, and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky at the A.V. Club. These pieces address Mann’s visual daring, his allusions to postmodern theorists, and his fastidious research into computer hacking and counterterrorism agencies. Yet they tend to downplay the movie’s sheer perversity, which is likely why Universal released the movie in mid-January, traditionally a burial ground for studio films, and why mainstream audiences are avoiding it.

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