Jisong Lee on Travel, Silence, and Slow Cinema

written by Niche.LA Video Art April 24, 2016
Jisong Lee on Travel, Silence, and Slow Cinema:

In the broader conversation about art and cinema, this type of work is referred to as “slow cinema.” Typical components include lengthy static shots, often focusing on nature or people. Very few close-ups are employed, as the emphasis is less on the individual, emotion, or narrative in the traditional sense, and more on revealing relationships between people, objects, technology, and nature, all through quiet and rigorously focused observation.

I am of course speaking incredibly broadly here, but I still think it’s useful to contextualize Lee’s work. Strains of this slow cinema or yoga art can be found in Andy Warhol’s eight-hour observation of the Empire State Building, Chantal Akerman’s monumental and ravishing observational cinema, Tsai Ming-liang’s consistently awe-inspiring output, or Harvard’s Sensory Ethnography Lab’s “Manakamana,” a set of six long takes of people (and at one point goats) riding a cable car up and down a Nepalese mountain.

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