International Video Art Festival Leaves a Very Good Impression

written by Niche.LA Video Art April 6, 2015

Jorge Luis Santana, Chairman of the 6th International Video Art Festival (FIVAC) in Camagüey, reckoned that this event has left a mark on the creative discourse in the island nation.

Santana stressed that apart from FIVAC; a Circuit for the Screening, Development and Research of New Media (CEDINM) has been established in this five-centuries-old city, a new project that this Cuban artist has labeled as an all-embrassing space, with its sight set on the future.

The specialist also said that CEDINM, the official venue of the International Video Art Festival, is at the forefront of what should be Cuba for the future with regard to new media, a group that creates cultural content, and that is inserted in the cultural milieu at global level.  

CEDINM provides a permanent space for screening videos, creating them and researching on art, based on the benefits of the new media.  

The circuit is made up by a group of socio-cultural projects, whose main event is FIVAC, “a contest that is held every two years and somehow awards our efforts “, he concluded.

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