written by Niche.LA Video Art May 17, 2015

Insomnia is an animation using Photoshop. The primary image, though heavily abstracted, is the logo for Rozerem, a medication that treats trouble falling asleep. The drug proved ineffectual for me. Behind this layer are several other abstract images employing chromatic aberration and made by scanning handmade slides of inkjet prints on transparency paper. The lens distortions are a metaphor for the results of sleep deprivation.

The images were altered via the many adjustments in the program. Thus the throbbing and cycling colors of a sickness brought on by sleeplessness is captured in Photoshop as performance. The running time (00:05:00) refers to when I could sleep regularly. I was known for taking exactly five minute naps. So much so that my cousins would time me when I visited them. I can no longer fall asleep at all unaided.

Camtasia was used to record the screen and make some jump cuts. Beyond these tools no equipment was used, there was no camera. The source files were created in 2010 using images found online such as on Rozerem’s web site. The video was created in 2015.

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