Ian Cheng, Bad Corgi, 2016, courtesy of the artist (via)A…

written by Niche.LA Video Art March 6, 2016

Ian Cheng, Bad Corgi, 2016, courtesy of the artist (via)

A ‘Bad Corgi’ Misbehaves in Video Art Game about Anxiety

Artist Ian Cheng will be launching a new app-based artwork for London’s Serpentine Galleries. Called Bad Corgithe “mindfulness app” will let you control a “dwarfish demon pup” who has to herd sheep around in a chaotic world, with the user being forced to ruminate and deal with the effects of disorder and decline.

To that effect the game will let players lose points, lose the ability to control the demon pup, and contaminate the herd of sheep, urging them to act on impulse while challenging their attention and desire for distraction.

Cheng’s work often has a glitchy, incomplete aesthetic created using motion capture, which appears to be present in this new work, a technique he learned after spending a year working with FX company Industrial Light & Magic. Ideas of entropy and the unpredictability of programmed systems and characters regularly inform the gameplay of Cheng’s algorithmic simulations.

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