‘Computer Music Studies’ is a series of audiovisual works based…

written by Niche.LA Video Art March 8, 2016

‘Computer Music Studies’ is a series of audiovisual works based on digital feedback. Sound is generated in an autonomous way from different configurations of the same pattern: the audio output returns to the audio input generating an internal digital feedback which in many cases is nonlinear and difficult to control. The results are autonomous digital sounds specific to digital equipment. The video track, created by hand frame by frame after spitting the sound track in fragments of around 41.67 milliseconds, shows what’s playing. What you see and what you hear are exactly the same data, without going through any kind of generative process or arbitrary visualization. That is, the piece consists of the same files saved in two different formats—an audio format (aiff) and a visual format (jpeg). Machine music for machines.

Sound: Mikel R. Nieto 
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