BODY PARTS I – V Group Exhibition ASHES/ASHES 2404 Wilshire…

written by Niche.LA Video Art June 13, 2015

BODY PARTS I - V Group Exhibition ASHES/ASHES 

2404 Wilshire Boulevard, 1A, Los Angeles, CA 90057June 2, 2015 - July 11, 2015

One Body Part at a Time: ASHES/ASHES Summer Video Series

Video is an exceedingly difficult medium to wrangle into a gallery space: Do you serve it up movie theater-style, with chairs and set screening times? Do you play it on a loop and allow people to walk in and out? Headphones or no headphones?

Video demands long looking, but it rarely gets it. How many times have you watched mere seconds of a work of video art before turning to something else? Actually maybe a better question, how many times have you actually watched a work of video art from beginning to end?

Los Angeles gallery ASHES/ASHES is making you look. Their current exhibition BODY PARTS I – Vshowcases five early video works from Knut Åsdam, Nayland Blake, Patty Chang, Cheryl Donegan, and Bob Flanagan, Sheree Rose and Mike Kelley. But rather than showing all these works at once, they’re doling them out one at a time. One week, one video. The works range from under 60 seconds to one hour long, each focusing on parts of the body: mouth, buttocks, penis, vagina.

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