Being here, being there By Liao Danlin. Several multi-media…

written by Niche.LA Video Art March 21, 2015

Being here, being there By Liao Danlin. Several multi-media installations are on display at Art Basel in Hong Kong on March 16. 

"We were artists who make things. And now we’ve shifted over to artists who make things happen," said artist Johannes M. Hedinger, a professor at the Zurich University of Art, during an Art Basel Hong Kong salon called What’s Next. This is an era where it seems everyone has started producing films or making videos. Artists are of course part of this trend and many of them have gone further in terms of interacting with the possibilities that multi-media or new technologies have given to us.  

If you ask them why they chose new media as the medium to express themselves, the answer would probably be the same if you asked them why they chose any other art form; that is: “It just happened.”

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