A Tiny House is a Work of Art

written by Niche.LA Video Art March 16, 2016
A Tiny House is a Work of Art:

A Tiny House is a Work of Art.

More than 25 years in the making, artist Dominique Moody has created an exquisite tiny house on wheels. She calls it “The Nomad.”

“The Nomad” is Moody’s dream home that symbolizes her evolution as an artist and storyteller. Over her lifetime, she has lived and worked in more than 40 locations across the country. Her creation will allow her to continue her nomadic life, taking her home and her artwork to communities across the country.

“The Nomad” is made largely of repurposed materials – metal, wood, doors from washing machines. It mirrors her career as an assemblage artist who turns found objects into art.

It is even more impressive considering that Moody is losing her eyesight through macular degeneration which robs her of all but her peripheral vision. But Moody makes a distinction between “sight” and “vision,“ saying her limited sight has not inhibited her inner vision and imagination.

For a few days in December 2015, Moody put the home on display at the California African American Museum. The 140 square foot home is powered by solar panels and hand pumped water storage. It attracted more than a hundred visitors who were fascinated by its beauty and inspired to reduce their carbon footprint by turning to affordable, compact, and eco-friendly homes.

In this episode of SoCal Connected, reporter Nic Cha Kim tours this unique abode and gets to know the artist who created it.

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