A solo exhibition of the work of Tony Oursler is to be mounted…

written by Niche.LA Video Art December 10, 2014

A solo exhibition of the work of Tony Oursler is to be mounted by the Lisson Gallery in January. The artist’s first of new work in the UK for over five years centres around his study of techniques of facial recognition and their increasing ubiquity in daily life. The artist’s interest in the face as the locus of communication and identity, through features, movement and expression, is central to these works. A series of seven imposing photographic visages looms over the spectator in the main gallery, all but one punctured by video screens of eyes or mouths, the other is itself a projection of multiple faces morphing into one another. Each of these giant portrait heads bears the network of marks or nodes associated with different facial recognition systems, used by border controls, law enforcement agencies and even ATM machines. The images, staggered throughout the space in the manner of theatrical props, present themselves as potential police mug shots, closed-circuit camera stills or anonymous faces in the crowd, albeit magnified in scale and distorted by their mediation through surveillance technology.

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