A shift of canvas.Why films can’t be acquired and collected just…

written by Niche.LA Video Art January 31, 2016

A shift of canvas.

Why films can’t be acquired and collected just like any other object of art, asks Shai Heredia of Experimenta. She has curated a collection of nine films to be showcased at the India Art Fair

The India Art Fair in its eight edition has quite a few aces up its sleeve. It has an international artistic director on board, boasts a new engagement with folk and tribal art and is flaunting an interdisciplinary approach. A public art festival by the real-estate major DLF, celebration of former National School of Drama director Ebrahim Alkazi at the fair, participation of Godrej India Culture Lab and discussions on the relationship between literature and art between poet-screenwriter Javed Akhtar and painter-writer Gulammohammed Sheikh, are steps taken in this direction. Another seminal addition at the fair this year is Experimenta, a space for experimental films founded by Shai Heredia. Spread over three days, Shai has curated a collection of nine films. These works “City Beyond”, “Bare” “Jan Villa”, “Noon Day Dispensary” “Enroute or of a Thousand Moons”, “Pati”, “We in a one room kitchen field” etc. are concerned with politics of form and memory.

Experimental videos made by artists are not new to the audience which is familiar with contemporary art then what different experience are these films going to offer at the venue? “This is different from video art made by artists who are sculptors, a painter working with new media. The filmmakers whose films will be showcased primarily work with film as their medium. It is not a gallery experience. The way you engage with it is different. I would never want my work to show in a gallery on a loop because I haven’t made it that way. It has a beginning, middle and the end,” explains Shai who founded Experimenta in 2003 in Mumbai. Three years later, she moved to Bengaluru bringing with her the platform which hosts a bi-annual festival of inventive works.

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